Amanda Freeman is a freelance journalist, professor and researcher based in Connecticut. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Hartford where she teaches about inequality, the sociology of gender and the family. 

Amanda also writes features and personal essays for media outlets including: The Washington Post Magazine, The Atlantic online, Best Life, Consumer Reports, The New York Times Motherlode Blog, Newsweek's Women in the World website, Redbook, Parents, Parenting, Pregnancy and Time Out New York Kids. Amanda was a popular parenting blogger on TLC/ Discovery Channel's parenting website: Parentables.  

After graduating from Brown University, Amanda worked as a legal assistant in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. Later, she was named a New England Press Association journalism fellow and wrote for community newspapers in Massachusetts, including a stint reporting on minor league baseball on Cape Cod.  

Amanda earned her Master’s in non-fiction writing from Columbia University’s School of the Arts. She then worked as an interdisciplinary writing instructor for seven years in the CUNY system at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Amanda earned her PhD in Sociology from Boston College, focusing on the struggles of low-income families. She spent a year and a half as a visiting assistant professor of Sociology at Central Connecticut State University before moving on to the University of Hartford.

After two years as a single mother, Amanda interviewed single dad and writer, Trey Ellis, for an article about single parenting in NYC. The two hit it off and began merging families soon after. 

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